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Princess PJ Party of Your Dreams

We love the new trend of throwing a pajama party! Whether you are planning a sleepover or throwing a cozy daytime party, you’ll be able to pull off the pajama party of your dreams with these ideas!

Patty K Photography | PJ Princess Session

When planning a PJ-themed party, it is important to set the tone for your guests as soon as they arrive! Setting up your space is a key element to this cozy style of party. You can get creative by going as simple as setting up pillows on the floor, or follow this DIY and give each guest their very own sleepover tent.

If you aren't planning on having your guests stay the night, you could arrange a large pillow fort to set the tone, or try this spa set up, it’s an easy way to decorate your home and pamper your guests! The possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming your space.