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MAgic For Everyone

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The magic of Fairytales is for everyone 

Let us know how we can better make magic for your family!

We value casting performers who can best uphold our company's high-performance standards, which means making magic for everyone in the way that is best for them. Below are some of the ways we approach magic-making at our location and beyond. Please always feel free to reach out and let us know how we can best make magic for your child and their specific needs. Because every child deserves to feel like royalty at reserving royalty.


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Food Allergies
Our Owner, Hannah, first hand understands the difficulties of navigating events with food allergies (herself being strictly gluten-free). We also want our food allergy royalties to feel included and welcome. For ticketed events that include food, we will always include a space for you to include food allergy accommodations. For private parties -in which we provide a catered tea menu- we are happy to swap items for safe options as long as we are made aware of the need at booking (to give us proper time to secure yummy and safe treats). At events where treats and candy may be gifted, we will always have a teal bucket or basket in the lobby for one-for-one treat swaps for safe alternatives. Please always reach out if you have any questions about our catered menus and treats. 


Our cast and team are beyond happy to help create a magical experience that best fits you little one, with our fairytale palace private reservation options we can 

  • dim or increase lighting

  • decrease or removal of music

  • increase facility cleaning and cast/staff masking/health screening

  • game and activity modifications

  • and more!

We are happy to accommodate as best we can so that your child can celebrate their birthday magically! ​

Our location is on ground level and includes accessible bathrooms.

We highly recommend our Private Princess Playdates for children who need personalized sensory accommodations because of the small number of allotted guests and the seemingly perfect one-hour length of the experience. 

For public/ ticketed events

We list activities for each event, events at the fairytale palace are always limited guest lists. We are always happy to answer questions about programming to see if these public events will be a good fit for your child.


We do host sensory-friendly events, and will denote them as such!

Cast Training

We have several cast members on staff who are professionals in the fields of child development, psychology, and physical therapy. We have worked to develop experiences that can be completely play-based if needed (for non-verbal or shy princess pals) . Our cast members are very confident in character communications and will carry conversations matching children's energy. We use storybooks, coloring, stickers, and stuffed animals to help children acclimate to the characters and new environment.  

We train our cast members to be understanding of children's sensory needs and are happy to help children touch and feel their costumes. We will be happy to support royal guests on the spectrum- working with you to make them feel comfortable in our magical space.

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