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Indoor Princess Party Ideas

Indoor parties are wonderful because we don't have to plan our activities, decorations or attire around the weather! However, sometimes it is a challenge to come up with engaging ideas that are exciting for our little ones! Well, look no further because our fairy godmothers have compiled a list of games, activities, and crafts you’ll want to include at your next indoor party!

Children Under 5:

For little ones under the age of 5 years old, we know how much they love to be hands-on! This Princess Slime recipe is great for sensory play because you can prepare the slime ahead of time and then allow the kids to customize theirs by adding glitter or gems! It is mess free and even doubles as a party favor!

Another free DIY that your guests can take home with them is this cute crown craft (say that 3 times fast)! This free template can be printed and cut out before the party, so that your little royals can get creative and spend their time focusing on decorating! All you have to do is set out their materials - any sort of pom poms, gems, glitter, or stickers will do. Everyone will love looking like royalty in their new shining crowns!

We’re sure you’ve heard of the classic party game “Pin the tail on the donkey.” Well, unless you’re throwing a Luisa-themed Encanto party, donkeys may not fit into your decor - but don’t worry! Try playing “Pin the kiss on the frog”, from Tiana’s story, Princess and The Frog. If your princesses are more familiar with Rapunzel’s story, Tangled, perhaps they would enjoy pinning the nose on Flynn Rider. Either way, this is a fun game that will get everyone on their feet and even have the adults laughing along too.

Children 6+

Everyone loves prizes and nothing beats a scavenger hunt for the best prize in the palace! This game is versatile because it can take as much or as little time as needed and it can span over your whole castle, or just one small room! If your guests are old enough, allow them to go on the journey alone, if not, you can lead them on the scavenger hunt by helping them read out the clues/hints. No matter what, this is an awesome activity that is sure to have your little ones running around problem-solving in an effort to find the prize at the end.

If you need an idea that is a little more calm and contained, BINGO is a great option! This is a classic game that can be adapted to fit any party scenario. There are lots of free printable bingo boards online that feature mermaids, princesses, fairies, unicorns, superheroes and so many more. You can even get creative with what you use for tokens, try using gems, chocolate kisses, or if you are having a mermaid princess party, you could use goldfish - the possibilities are endless!

If you are looking to entertain party guests of all ages and create magical memories that will last, consider inviting a real-life princess to your celebration! Our princesses will bring their own activities (so you won’t have to plan a thing)! Each activity is adaptable to groups of any size and age! If your little ones want to sit down and soak up all of the magic, our royals will provide makeovers, storytime, glitter tattoos, coloring sheets and seated games! Do you have guests that want to be active? No problem! We will offer princess lessons, dance parties, and more movement-based games! No matter what, we always personalize our interactions so that you have a party that is customized to your group. Whether you are looking for a princess to provide opportunities for crafts, games or portraits, our royals will have your guests asking “when is the next party?”


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