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The Classics

Heading 1

Princess Beauty

Bonjour! This stunning french beauty arrives in a gorgeous buttery yellow satin dress complete with rosettes, Swarovski crystals, and a gorgeous rose brocade pattern detail! She loves to discuss her favorite books and tell tales about her enchanted adventures. Invite Princess Beauty to be your guest at your next grand affair. 


Princess Beauty-Blue Dress

Holiday Attire


Beauty and sophisticated grace does not begin to describe her. Cinderella will be sure to make a grand entrance with her gorgeous ballgown (provided by her fairy godmother, of course!), long silky gloves, and sparkly crystal jewels. Please note that she has to be home by midnight! 


The Royal Family

They aren't necessarily evil but they do have a lot to learn about being nice. Cinderella's family is sure to lighten the mood of any celebration, just be sure to warn any and all eligible suitors!

Fairest Princess​

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Our Fairest Princess is the greatest of them all! Her skin is as pale as snow, lips as red as a rose, invite her to make your event pop, just like her bright red bow. We just ask that no apples are served. 


Sleeping Beauty

She’s all caught up on her beauty rest and ready for a lovely time at your event! Her gorgeous pink gown has splashes of blue courtesy of her one of her fairies and details that as divine as her singing voice. She is truly a once upon a dream party guest! 


She may be EVIL, but we promise she will play nice. Invite this Queen to your event and your guests will surely be entertained by the Queen's witty and vane remarks.

TheFairest Queen​

Let it Snow!


Frosty Events

Snow Sisters

Our Ice Queen, Snow Queen, & Ice Harvester are fantastic on their own and extra magical together! Our Ice Queen is sure to Let Go of some of her magic for special moments. Our Ice Harvester loves to tell stories about his adventures with the talking snowman (and his reindeer best friend!) Finally, our Snow Princess will be EXCITED to meet new friends and share her love of chocolate with everyone (and anyone) willing to listen! 

Ice Queen

Snow Queen

Holiday Attire

Ocean Friends


Under and By The Sea


There’s no telling how far she’ll go! Come sail away with our Wayfinder! She can teach your little one to navigate using the stars and share stories about her crazy demi-god friend. From the heart of the ocean straight to your hearts, she is sure to make a splash! 


Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is sure to make a splash! Her visit will be MER-mazing when she arrives on her human legs (that are perfect for dancing!). Her sparkly seaweed skirt is paired with modest purple shells adorned with a variety of pearls & Swarovski crystals that are sure to wow your little guests! Her seafoam teal gown & pink + pearl ballgown includes tons of sparkly "bubbles" and hidden details. Although she is not a swimming mermaid, she is perfect for pool parties & loves being by the waterside.

Request Other

Princesses as Mermaids!

3 Options to Splash With!



Adventure Is Out There!


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! She's leaving her tower and adventuring to your party. Frying pan in hand, her spunky personality, and long locks will make a happy and joyous atmosphere. She is best paired with her quick-witted prince, but be beware of his smolder. Her royal invite is sure to make any event "The Best Day Ever"!

Bayou Princess

Straight from New Orleans, this Princess arrives in a her beautifully embroidered Lillypad Dress.  Whether she’s baking up some beignets in her restaurant or going on a epic adventure, this princess knows how to dig down deep and accomplish her goals! Let our Bayou Princess hop on over!



She can be found just around the river bend. Perfect for nature-inspired themes, this free-spirited princess teaches us to be one with the earth. Book Pocahontas before she gets caught up in the wind of her next great adventure.


Scottish Princess

This Free-Spirited, Scottish Lass is sure to bring a bit of the Highlands to your special event! We love her adventurous & determined attitude. Her AIM is to create a joyous celebration. You will have so much fun that it is almost



Arabian Princess

This spirited and independent princess is sure to grant your little one's magical wishes! Request our Arabian Princess to be your guest at your royal event before she soars off on her magic carpet. We promise she'll leave her pet tiger at home.


Crown Princess

Her determined & adventurous personality is sure to bring delight to your little ones! She comes in a beautiful scarlet red ballgown, wielding her gorgeous gold scepter. Her jeweled tiara & voluminous hair is a magical sight to see!




Do as Dreamers Do


Tinker Bell

Straight from the second star to the right, Tinker Bell arrives in style with her sparkly leaf dress, matching pom pom shoes, and realistic, glistening opal wings. Have her bring her signature sparkle & sass to your little one’s party for a guaranteed blast! Tons of Pixie Dust Included!

Mary Gold

A Sweet and Charming Garden Fairy

Unicorn Princesses

Cloaked in wonder and draped in color, Our Unicorn Princesses are sure to provide an extra element of fantasy and delight to your celebration. They arrive in a custom pastel rainbow dresses with plenty of pearls and sparkle to admire. Their massive wings are sure to impress your guests and captivate your little one. Be sure to reserve these rare gems before they return to their land of enchantment.



This Practically Perfect British Nanny is sure to enchant your little one with her magical charm & manners. She may be particular with her treatment of guests but she will be sure to leave them captivated and smiling. It's everyone's dream to have tea with Mary! 



Have the sweetest celebration down the rabbit hole with an invitation sent to this curious girl. Alice is sure to make any event WONDERful and a bit mad with whimsy. Don't be late for this important date!

Royal Mermaids


They make a splash in every way, our Royal Mermaids will make your day! Say Shell-o to Pearl and Lavender! They just love to give Fin-tastic Mermaid Makeovers complete with glittery scales and sparkly treasure!  Available in their Sparkly Custom Seaweed Skirts made for dancing and Mer-mazing activities!


Ballerina Princess

She is Tutu cute! Our Ballerina Princess, Victoria, is sure to make a grand entrance at your celebration! She will make your little guests performance ready with mini sparkly makeovers. Then she will lead them in a brief ballet lesson that will result in a performance that is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

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Up Up & Away!

Amazon Princess

She is a Wonder! Our Warrior Princess teaches little ones that strength doesn’t just come from powers but from one’s heart & actions too. With two uniforms to choose from (Classic Shorts or Modest Pants), she is sure to be a SUPER guest!


American Hero

Loyalty, Duty, and Honor! The American Hero makes every party one to remember. With his winning smile and cheerful demeanor, he will definitely make a Star’s appearance


Additional Characters

Galaxy Warrior 

Apart from leading the resistance, our Galaxy Warrior wishes to explore all aspects of the universe once unknown to her, including your celebration!

Fashion Doll

Say a sparkly HELLO to our pink and stylish Fashion Doll! She proudly encourages friendship, following your dreams, and all things Girl Power (while just so happening to be wearing heels)!


Flexible Woman

Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella 

Rag Doll

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