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Current Covid Policies (Updated 2.26.22)

These policies can adapt to ensure a magical but safe experience for children and to protect our performers. 

We understand how covid has deeply affected us all, and as we enter this time of transition, we ask that you remain kind and respectful.

Our entire cast of performers and staff are fully vaccinated.

At our venue

Per the recent announcement for Guilford County Board of Health and North Carolina as a whole, masks are now optional at our location for reservations. 

For some, this brings excitement as we look to a future free from covid but for others, it may invoke feelings of uneasiness, fear, and nervousness.

We want to foster an environment of safe fun and are more than happy to work with our clients to build experiences that best fit their comfort level.

Currently, performers will be unmasked while performing (but are happy to wear a mask by request of the booking client). Our staff are happy to mask up as well.

We will continue frequent cleaning in high-touch areas, such as our craft room and shimmer salon. 

For our specialty public events, please check the event ticket policies for details and requirements that may be in place.

Travel Appearances 

Please inform your guests that their attendance is welcome only if they have been in good health, fever-free, and not been in recent contact with someone who has had symptoms. (Our princesses are happy to record a video message for guests who are unable to attend). 

Outdoor- currently no restrictions.

Indoor Commercial- will abide by any mandates.

Indoor Residential- currently light restrictions.

Happy to wear a mask by request.

To help with maintaining saftey, open spaces are best. If you are planning a larger event, we suggest having a separate room/area for the children and performers away from other guests to keep the numbers down. 


Due to Covid, we have temporarily suspended face painting services.


We are being very accommodating and flexible if clients choose to reschedule/postpone their bookings due to COVID-19. However, all retainers are non-refundable but the credit can be applied to a future appointment within one year. Retainers can be applied to a different type of reservation-based experience such as a private playdate but can not be applied to ticketed events. 

Reserving Royalty Booking Contract for
Travel Appearances, Playdates, and Venue Celebrations

Hosting a Non-Birthday Event such as a Corporate Meet & Greet, Charity Event, Storytime, or Entertainment Show?

Please contact us for your individualized public appearance contract.

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