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The Ins And Outs of How We Create Magical Moments

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book with Reserving Royalty & Heroes?

 Click BOOKING and submit a booking form with us. We only accept bookings through our website form. Once we have confirmed availability, we will email you a link to submit your booking retainer and plan your magical character experience. Once a booking retainer link is sent to you, you will have 48 hours to make your payment before your selected time is able to be booked by others. So get that retainer submitted as soon as possible. 

We are often busy making magic at various birthdays and events (especially on weekends). Please allow at least 24-48 hours for us to respond to your booking request. All requests are handled on a first-come-first-served basis.

What does my Character do at my travel party?

Our most asked question- What will my characters do?  The character will conduct the activities stated in your booked package.  However, they will mold the performance according to the interests and ages of the little guests (and your RSVP count) in order to create the most perfect appearance possible.

We love being "child lead", yes will arrive at the party prepared to do the listed activities in the order shown, but we like to be as organic as we can with our character interactions and let the performer cater the interaction to the birthday kid and guests' energy and attention spans because no two parties, or birthday child, are alike! This is why we have the recommendation of a ratio of 10:1 participating children per character invitation. 

(For example, some guests really love the party games, and some really love story time, so the princess may spend a little more time on the activity that the guests are more interested in). If a birthday kiddo is a little shy upon our arrival, we may start with an activity of interest. If they are excited and ready to move, a game is perfect for a first interaction! If they love singing, we won't stop a fun singalong just to get onto the next activity. 

The performer will provide activities for the entire appearance, but let us know if you have another activity in mind and we will do our best to accommodate. Let us know if you have other party activities planned (such as crafts or a pinata) that you wish for us to leave time for.

For planning your space, we recommend having at least a large enough space that your guest list can comfortably form a circle in. 


If you would like for them to help with any celebration activities, such as opening presents, just let your royal assistant/party agent or performers know. We recommend ending with having your character join in singing Happy Birthday (with the cake/cupcakes and candles if you plan to do that) as the cake provides a perfect sweet distraction from the characters leaving.

We look forward to bringing the magic! 

What do I need to provide?

Travel Visit

Your performer will arrive with all the supplies needed to perform the package's activities. ​

  • Preparing an open space (shaded if outside) for activities and games is ideal for our arrival. Space to sit for story time (for princesses) or hero training (for superheroes). They will need an open space for storytime/ game/ dancing, we ask that it be at least large enough to comfortably place the children in a circle with the characters. For the glitter tattoos/ or makeovers activity, it is helpful to have chairs for each character a child each and a small table to keep the activity going smoothly.  Remember, their gowns, wings, and capes can be quite large!

  • We sadly can’t control the weather, please have a rain plan at the ready for outdoor parties. If you don't have a rain plan, please note that with rescheduling, we can't guarantee a close reschedule date due to our very limited calendar availability.

  • Secure away pets, if you wish for the kids to all participate and be engaged, we recommend shutting down bounces houses for some time during the visit. 

  • Please note our policy in regards to our ball gowned performers being outside in extreme hot/cold temperatures, for outdoor parties. Please provide some type of shade.

  • Remind older siblings/relatives to preserve the magic! This is not a performer, this is the real character!

  • A table and chairs are nice if your package includes activities, such as makeovers, face painting, and glitter tattoos. 

  • For outdoor parties, characters that are in ballgowns, please provide a performance space on a deck/patio/driveway/garage/solid floor to preserve their gowns from the ground elements.

  • If you believe your performers provided a magical experience, you are welcome to provide a tip at the time of their departure. Please do so out of the sight of children.If you so kindly wish to Digitally Tip your Magic Makers Today You can do so at or Venmo @ReservingRoyalty

Venue Party 

  • For Signature and Showstopper bookings, you must prep and provide all refreshments (including ice). No kitchen access will be provided.

  • Remind older siblings/relatives to preserve the magic! This is not a performer, this is the real character!

  • Treat bags/ gifts if you haven't booked us to provide them.

  • If you believe your performers and party fairy godmothers provided a magical experience, you are welcome to provide a tip at the time of their departure. Please do so out of the sight of children. If you so kindly wish to Digitally Tip your Magic Makers Today You can do so at or Venmo @ReservingRoyalty

Otherwise, you are set to party!

How Can I attend an event?

Tickets for events hosted by us can be purchased on our website here: 

Travel Party Mileage

We include up to 30 miles (60 miles round-trip) complimentary with all of our travel packages.

Mileage rates are rounded up based on the distance our performers have to travel from our castle:

Triad - 204 Kelly Place High Point, NC 27370
35 miles (70 miles round-trip) - $35
40 miles (80 miles round-trip) - $40
45 miles (90 miles round-trip) - $45

45+miles - Custom quotes based on availability to accommodate. Must Book at Least 2 characters for consideration 

What About Tipping?

Tipping is not required but is appreciated for exceptional performances. Our performers spend several hours preparing for their roles and our assistant's prep throughout the week to make your appearance or party perfect. We recommend a standard 15-25% gratuity, but anything lets your performer or assistant know that you had a MAGICAL time!

You can tip cash at the end of your party (out of the sight of children or in an envelope) or we do accept tips digitally.

If you so kindly wish to digitally tip your magic makers, you can do so directly here:  

or Venmo @ReservingRoyalty (note your party date and time). 

What's the difference between a Playdate and a Venue Party?

Are you considering celebrating your little prince or princess' birthday with Reserving Royalty? We would be delighted to make some magical birthday memories with you!

Here is a link to our guide to help you navigate through our unique offerings and decide which option is best for your little one:

a venue celebration reservation, travel appearance, or a private princess playdate appointment. CLICK HERE

What's the Difference Between Your Venue PAckages?

Ultimately the difference is the size of your guest list and do you want to provide the food or have us cater for you.

Here is a link to our guide to help you navigate through our unique offerings and decide which option is best for your little one:

a venue celebration reservation, travel appearance, or a private princess playdate appointment. CLICK HERE

What time should I schedule a Character to arrive at my Travel Party?

We recommend having us arrive 15-30 minutes into your party to allow guests to fully arrive and warm up. This also helps conceal your character's arrival. Fairytale Characters don't drive cars, so our performers will often park at a distance to arrive on foot. Please help us keep the magic alive during your princesses' entrances and exits. Also, if you are planning on serving a meal, it's best to have your entertainment arrive after that time, to ensure that little ones do have time to eat. Little ones are often too excited to sit down and eat once entertainment arrives. But be sure to have clean faces and hands (dry off after water play)  before your guests arrive because lots of hugs are sure to come!


Can I choose my performer?

We, of course, welcome requests for a certain performer, but due to high demand for certain characters and scheduling, specific performer assignments cannot be guaranteed. We asked that this be approached respectfully, our cast members are talented children's entertainment performers, not fashion models.  We have multiple cast members playing the same role. Rest assured that we have selected each performer based on their look-a-like qualities and every performer will arrive with the same high-quality costuming, wigs, make-up, and training.

How far in advance should I book?

We recommend booking as soon as you have an event in mind. We’ve had parties book up to a year in advance and we’ve also had parties book a week before. We typically book packages and events up to 3 months in advance for traveling and 3-6 months in advance for our venue. The sooner the better as our royal calendar fills up fast! As soon as you have an event or date in mind, give us a buzz.

What about boys at a Princess Party?

If planning a travel party, we do offer heroes, pirates, and princes and we highly recommend you invite one if you are expecting a lot of young boys at your celebration If that's not in the budget, do not worry, boys sometimes like to meet princesses too and we bring surprises intended to include them in the fun. 

Reserving Royalty's Fairytale Palace is not your average birthday party experience, we craft enchanting moments with beloved characters in a magical intimate setting.

Where royal dreams really do come true! Please be thoughtful of this when selecting your guest list, choosing those that would enjoy this type of fairytale encounter. It's a whimsical experience packed with pixie dust & princess stuff

Do you work with charities, nonprofits, and volunteer organizations?

Please contact us for availability, we LOVE giving back to those in our kingdom. We have a set amount of volunteer hours per a year and our partner charities do get first priority, however, we love making magical moments happen when we can and we give discounts when we can. We put priority to children-based charities first, but we work to help assist your goals as best we can.

Can I request a character you don't currently offer?

Of course! We would love to hear whom you are interested in us bringing to life. A couple of things to note, we will not offer mascot/fur characters (think Olaf, the Mouse, etc.). We also take pride in our detail and authentic character portrayals, therefore, our character creation and training take some time so last-minute requests are not often possible but we are always willing to hear your requests and give suggestions and options!

What if I'm late for my venue party?

Venue parties will end on time and can not be extended, unfortunately, when you arrive late we will have to shorten or omit activities to keep your party running on schedule. We highly recommend arriving at least 10 minutes prior to your event start time. 

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Changes to Venue, Party Start Time, No Shows, and Cancellations (For Parties Only, view the contract for business appearances.)

Overall, we want to work with you to have a magical character interaction and party.

Any changes to the party start time and venue appointment must be discussed with the booking team. We always put the safety of guests and performers first and will work with bookings for rescheduling options in the case of severe weather (ice storms, snow, and forecasted warnings). Changes will be accommodated based on availability. Based on venue location, additional travel fees may be required if the venue is in a different city than originally quoted. In the event that any appointment needs to be canceled or modified, please notify us as soon as possible. A rainy forecast is not an eligible for a free reschedule for outdoor appearances, rain plans should be made for these types of appearances. We understand life happens, if a client chooses to cancel a party due to weather or unforeseen circumstances or illness, the client may reschedule the event for a date based on current calendar availability. We will apply your retainer to another date/time as a one-time courtesy for documented illnesses. Reschedules for non-severe weather will have a $50 rescheduling fee. Booking retainers are good for 6 months, multiple reschedulings are subject to additional fees. Retainers can be applied to a different type of reservation-based experience such as a private playdate but cannot be applied to ticketed events. Any flat cancellations made within 72 hours prior will not receive a balance refund. In the case of severe weather or major unforeseen circumstances such as performer illness, Reserving Royalty LLC reserves the right to reschedule or cancel your appearance. In this case, a refund in full would be made. Exceptions under extreme circumstances are up to the discretion of Reserving Royalty management. All booking retainers are non-refundable.


Travel Party FAQ
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