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Invest in your memories...


Reserving Royalty  is Proudly Ran By a Mother/Daughter Team 


Reserving Royalty's founder, Hannah, started this company after graduating Film School and discovering that the North Carolina lacked highly realistic Princess/ Character portrayals. With years of dance and theater experience, as well as a passion for children's entertainment, she wanted to bring a bit of theme park magic and storytelling to the community in which she grew up in. A few years later, our magical children's venue opened its doors in September 2018. Our "magic on main street" grew fast! Since then, we have hosted hundreds of birthday parties, storytimes, events, and playdates. We have moved twice and have grown to make even more magic between our brightly colored walls and across the Triad. With the belief that no detail is too small, Hannah and her Mom, Sue love & live for that magical moment when children (& adults) see their childhood heroes & role models come to life. Even if it's just for an hour, we have seen the powerful impact a princess' smiling face can make on a child's life. An important part of who we are as a company, is our community. We are truly a small, family-run business with the desire to serve our neighbors and a dream to create magical moments for local families. Whether it is through our special events, charity appearances, grand royal balls, or our birthday party visits, every child deserves the opportunity to be treated like royalty.


Head Party Fairy Godmother, Sue

Master Magic Maker,




I never grew out of Fairytales. My youth was spent visiting theme parks and historical places and then immediately followed by me putting on plays, dances, and reenactments of the stories I saw and heard. I often became the full embodiment of the characters of my favorite movies and stories, they were so real to me. I remember meeting my childhood hero, Barbie, at the High Point Target decades ago- the butterflies I felt- the autograph I treasured- the whole experience was just so real to me. Years later, with a film degree, some costume awards, a quite a bit of performance experience, I am honored to be able to play a part in keeping rare the moments of childhood alive and authentic

Meet Hannah

Head Magic Maker


Meet Sue 

Head Party Fairy Godmother


A cast of over 35 (and ever-growing)

incredibly talented &

passionate performers that are

fully dedicated to making 

Dreams Reality!


Meet Ashley

Cast Fairy Godmother


Meet Michael

Male Performer Manager


So why us? Reserving Royalty provides entertainment that is, well... a royal experience from start to finish. We consider our services luxurious and will treat you as such. We also believe that quality experiences don't anyways require a high price tag.Step inside our captivating children's venue & enter a world of whimsical delight! We are the experienced team behind carefully crafted, all-inclusive, pinterest perfect, BEST DAY EVER birthday celebrations! Our Princesses and Characters arrive in professional, handmade ensembles (often adorned with hundreds of Swarovski crystals), professional makeup, & perfectly styled wigs (by their Fairy Godmothers, of course!). But the dress doesn't make the princess, we place value in the performers wearing the costume and are dedicated to providing accurate, high-quality portrayals of beloved royalty. Performers are selected based upon their look-a-like qualities and experience. We train our performers to never break character and we assure you that they have full knowledge of their character's backstory and will provide a believable character experience. We strive to inspire, uplift, and make your littles one's wishes come true. Whether you are looking to simply upgrade a party with an extra "magic touch" or looking to make your event extraordinary, let us be a part of your plans. By choosing us, you are directly supporting a local Triad team dedicated to creating magical memories that are sure to last a lifetime. Reserving Royalty provides endless opportunities for greater advertisement, marketing reach, and attendance for events. Let the stress of hosting a beautiful event melt away because the Reserving Royalty crew are the perfect party guest professionals! Invite us to be your Party Fairy Godmothers today!

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