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Hello There!
We love to create
Magical Moments with You.
Please Read Below Carefully!

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Reserving Royalty's Fairytale Palace is not your average birthday party experience, we craft enchanting moments with beloved characters in a magical intimate setting.
Where royal dreams really do come true!
Please be thoughtful of this when selecting your guest list, choosing those that would enjoy this type of fairytale encounter.  

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Submit your Fairytale Palace Booking Request Below. 

Please note, no booking is finalized until a Retainer Payment is made. you will receive an automatic email telling you we have successfully received your request, then we will reach out to confirm availability and finalize your reservation.

We will respond as soon as we can, often within a few hours.
Requests submitted Friday-Sundays will have a delayed response as our team dedicates weekends to creating magic.

As we are a Small family-run business, We appreciate your pixie patience as we serve you.

We highly recommend against using @Yahoo and @Hotmail addresses (if you do, be sure to check your spam folders). 


Book at the Fairytale Palace

PALACE REQUEST RECIEVED Thanks! We will be in touch soon royal!

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