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Belle And Beauty and the Beast Themed Parties

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

This beauty’s story is a classic, a tale as old as time, can you guess who she is?

She’s Belle! We love Belle because she is an avid reader who is passionate about her family. She loves her papa and sacrifices everything to keep him safe. Belle sees the best in everyone, approaches situations with compassion and her wisdom is contagious. Above all else, she teaches kids that being yourself is so important, despite what anyone else thinks. Princess Beauty is one of our most highly requested princesses and we absolutely love celebrating her story with all of our little guests!

Like Belle, we know that true beauty comes from within, but it’s always fun to add a little sparkle! Whether she is wearing her iconic yellow ball gown (that her wardrobe made for her), her elegant holiday attire or her beautiful blue town dress, you will be sure to spot her with a book in her hands! If you are planning on throwing a themed party, we have some ideas that will be sure to make your guests feel like the Belle of the Ball!

Belle loves dancing with Prince Adam, so one way to make your party extra special is to have an enchanting dance party.

Do your little ones like to color? These adorable bookmarks would be a perfect activity for any party (plus they serve as an additional party favor for your guests)!

Once you have all of the activities decided, dim the lights and let Lumiere set the stage as your little ones feast with this “Grey Stuff” recipe, because, as Lumiere says himself, “it’s delicious”!

You can also be sure that Belle’s friends get to enjoy the festivities, by serving chocolate chips or potato chips inspired by her teacup friend, Chip! We love DIY projects and this one will amaze your guests when they see how yummy these red strawberry roses look! These simple roses make for a healthy treat, but for a little added magic try placing them on top of cupcakes!

We can’t forget about the decorations! Whether or not it's close to Valentine's day, you can use rose petals to decorate any indoor or outdoor space, but if you want to take your party to the next level we have a few ideas you’ll love! Transform your home with this sparkly gold chandelier using plastic forks and spoons!

There are also lots of different ways to create your own enchanted rose inspired by the one kept in the West Wing of Belle’s castle!

Are you interested in creating magical memories that your little ones will remember forever? Do you want your grand event to be the talk of the town? Invite Princess Beauty to your celebration to read stories that will entertain guests of all ages, play games with her enchanted friends, take royal portraits and so much more! If you are a busy mom, a loving grandmother or you simply don’t wish to plan an event this grand, consider having your celebration at our Fairytale Palace! Our fairy godmothers will take care of all of the hosting, decorating and planning while Plumette takes care of all of the messes. We hope you will be our guest very soon!

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