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Princess Snow Day Ideas

Snowbody is happier than Elsa and Anna when snowflakes are falling! We all love the classic snow day activities (building a snowman, making snow angels, snowball fights, etc). But it is always fun to try something new and we have some chilly ideas for you! Have you ever built a snow volcano?

Science experiments are a great way to teach your little ones while playing in the snow. We also love this recipe for snow paint because it only uses 2 ingredients and it allows for endless imagination and creativity.

The sun seems to go down too soon this time of year, but why not use that to our advantage by playing with glow sticks in the snow? You can use glow sticks to create outlines of shapes, bury them in the snow to see the light diffuse, or even draw out obstacle courses for your bravest snowgies.

After you spend lots of time in the chilly winter air, warm up with a cup of Queen Anna’s drink of choice - hot chocolate! While your little royals are enjoying their blue hot chocolate, it’s the perfect time to watch a storytime and sing-along from our very own snow sisters.

If your kids love stories as much as Olaf does, they’ll love coloring in these very punny, free printable bookmarks while the ice harvester reads about his brave adventures with all of his friends.

You may be thinking, ‘there’s snow way I’m spending time outside today!’ If that’s the case, don't flurry away, we have even more creative ideas for you! Does your prince or princess enjoy the hands-on sensory play? If they do, then this next activity is a snow-brainer! Create your own fake snow using only 2 ingredients that you already have in your home. This recipe is perfect for everyone in the family to enjoy and it smells good too!

Snowflake paintings are extra special because each one is unique. Whether your little one is a finger painter or an expert with a paintbrush, they are sure to love these painting projects because they’re suitable for children of all ages.

Coffee filter snowflakes make for an enchanting decoration that can hang on any window to bring colorful light into your space (like stained glass!). Another great idea uses tape to outline a snowflake on paper, let your little one use their fingers, cotton balls, or paint brushes to create a magical background (for a little extra magic, sprinkle some pixie dust on top!).

After all of those adventures, the best way to relax at the end of day is by snuggling up with a fuzzy blanket and enjoying your favorite movie - but you can’t forget the snacks! We love this winter wonderland popcorn because it is quick and easy to make, using only 3 ingredients.

You could even build your own snowman with pretzels, marshmallows and chocolate chips. Whether you are spending the day inside or outside, we hope your snow day is filled with snow much fun!

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