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Guide to Hosting Princess BIRTHDAY Party Entertainment

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Inviting a professional princess entertainer to your child's birthday party has many advantages.

  • Less stress, because they handle the games, the prizes, the magic. You get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show (and the little one's amazement).

  • Wow factor! From the moment she waltzes through your door, your Reserving Royalty princess will amaze, inspire, and engage your guests both little and grown!

  • Magical memories to last a lifetime! They are only little once. Nothing can replace seeing your child's eye light-up when a REAL princess teaches them how to curiosity, gives them glitter tattoo, and treats them like royalty. Not every child gets to say that their fairytale hero came to THEIR birthday and give them the "Best Party Ever!".You'll have the pictures and memories to prove it!

We compiled some

frequently asked questions about

our Travel Appearances

so that your royal experience is


What is the best appearance for me?

First, we always recommend booking your child's favorite royal, but we understand that the task may be hard to pick. If you decide on a theme, it may be easier to pick a princess that coordinates with the color scheme or vibe of your celebration. We offer Ballerina and Mermaid variations of most of our popular princesses, so don't be afraid to "shake it up" and think out of the box! We recommend you have one princess for every 10-15 children. So for example, if you are planning to invite 30 children, we recommend you invite at least 2 princesses. This is so that you can ensure that every one of your little guests gets plenty of one-on-one attention.

What time should I have the princesses arrive?

We recommend having us arrive 30 minutes to an hour into your party to allow guests to fully arrive and warm-up. This also helps conceal your princesses' arrival. Princesses don't drive cars, so our performers will often park at the distance to arrive on foot. Please help us keep the magic alive during your princesses' entrances and exits. Also, if you are planning on serving a meal, it's best to have your entertainment arrive after that time, to ensure that little ones do have time to eat. Little ones are often too excited to sit down and eat once entertainment arrives. But sure to clean faces and hands of food residue before your guests arrive because lots of hugs are sure to come!

How should I prepare for my princess's visit?

Your performer will arrive with all the supplies needed to perform the package's activities. If you have makeovers, craft time, or face painting as a part of your booked package, please provide space with a table and chairs for the activity. Please prepare an open space for the princess and children to gather for activities and games. Remember their gowns can be quite large. To maximize the value of your visit, it is recommended that inflatables be shut down for the duration of the princess's time at your party. Performers will not be able to play on the inflatables. Please secure away all pets. If your celebration is outside during extreme high or low temperatures, please check our policies regarding some restrictions, especially with Ball Gowned characters. Because our ballgowns are very expensive, couture dresses we do have some appearance procedures to ensure the safety of our performers and delicate costumes. Planning to be outdoors? Please have a weather back up plan.

What does the princess do during the party?

The princess will conduct the activities stated in your booked 1 hour or 1.5-hour package. However, she will mold the performance according to interest and ages of the little guests in order to create the most perfect appearance possible. (For example: some guests really love the party games and some really love storytime, so the princess may spend a little more time on the activity that the guests-especially the birthday child- are more interested in). If you have a particular activity or request, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Do you provide the decor or cake?

Although we do not provide party decor or catering with our Travel Appearances, your princess will provide top-notch party entertainment with cool activities and prizes! We do have a whimsical children's venue that includes Pinterest perfect party decor, unique celebration activities, and can even include catering. You can view more about our children's venue here.

Will the princess pose for pictures?

Certainly! We recommend creating a space for the royal portraits. Natural light is great however avoid standing in front of a window or televisions. Front porches, table cloths, or printed backdrops make great DIY photobooths! Individual photos are great and don't forget group photos are always precious to look back on (and create a great thank you card). Be sure to tag us @ReservingRoyalty, we love seeing your parties!

Saying your goodbyes

When your scheduled time comes to an end please let your performers know of the time. Why is this important? Often your performers are so wrapped up in creating the magic, they may not know of the exact time. Please understand that a timely departure is often necessary in order for the performer to safely commute to her next event or venue to prepare for the next appointment. Your performer will be sure to tell all of your guests goodbyes and give plenty of time for the last moments filled with hugs and fond farewells. If you are wishing your performer to stay longer than the booked time, then please discreetly pull your performers away from the children and other guests and discuss the matter at least 15 minutes before the end of the event. Please understand that they may have to say no because of previous commitments. Staying additional time is at the discretion of the performer. The performer will be paid $50 for each additional 30 minutes she or he stays, billed after the party, and due within 24 hours. If a performer foresees that a party could run longer than expected, she or he may discreetly ask you if they would like them to stay longer. Tips are certainly not required but are appreciated for exceptional performances and services. Please give tips discreetly in front of the children. If you wish to tip digitally after your appearance, simply email your fairy godmother and she will direct you how to do so.

I'm Sold! How can I book a princess?

Simply pick a date, pick a time, pick a princess, and book!

Fill out our magical booking form here. We require a $50 non-refundable retainer to officially reserve your date and princess experience. The remaining balance will be due 3 days prior to the appearance.


Princesses, Mermaids, Unicorns, Superheroes & More! Reserving Royalty is enchanting clients across Triad, North Carolina with our unique experiences. We are committed to providing accurate, high-quality, believable portrayals of beloved characters & fairytale royalty. Whether you are hosting a princess party, birthday party, or event, Reserving Royalty is the Triad's Premier Children's Entertainment Company!

Looking for something a little "different"? Step inside our captivating children's venue & enter a world of whimsical delight! We are the experienced team behind carefully crafted, all-inclusive, pinterest perfect, BEST DAY EVER birthday celebrations! If you desire authentic interactions, come swoon over our exceptional and fully immersive character portrayals! Whether you are looking for a royal princess appearance or valiant superhero drop in, we can bring the magic to you!

Meet the Master Magic Makers and see how their enthusiasm for performance & fairytales transformed into the Triad's most enchanting children's company.

Princess parties and fairytale character appearances in High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Oak Ridge, Clemmons, and across Triad North Carolina

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