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Elsa + Anna + Kristoff

Our Ice Queen, Snow Queen, & Ice Harvester are fantastic on their own and extra magical together! Our Ice Queen is sure to Let Go of some of her magic for special moments. Our Ice Harvester loves to tell stories about his adventures with the talking snowman (and his reindeer best friend!) Finally, our Snow Princess will be EXCITED to meet new friends and share her love of chocolate with everyone (and anyone) willing to listen!

Ice Queen Ensemble Choices: Ice Dress, Adventure, Spirit, Spring Fever, Holiday, Tutu, Mermaid, PJS

Snow Queen Ensemble Choices: Travel, Coronation Dress, Adventure, Queen, Spring Fever, Holiday,Tutu, Mermaid, PJS

Ice Harvester Ensemble Choices: Classic, Fall

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Anna Options.jpg

Holiday Attire

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