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Disney Princess Inspired Easter Eggs

Half-eaten chocolate bunnies, pastel-colored dresses, and competitive egg hunts- Easter certainly does come with family traditions and tons of crafting opportunities. Consider skipping the classic food dye and vinegar smell this year and upgrade your basket with some ROYAL appearances. These princess-inspired eggs create a great opportunity for your little princess or prince to show their love of their current favorite characters (let's be honest, it changes daily) and set aside some time for a magical family bonding project. Plus, if you op to use fake eggs, they can be reused year after year, cause Disney Decor never goes out of style!


Look around your castle to gather "loose parts". This is a great time to use those random art project scraps, leftover paint pots, and old hair ribbons. Upcycling items is always a great lesson to teach. If you must purchase some supplies, rick rack ribbon, a pack of gems, and some paint can go a long way.

Things you may need:

Fake Glittery Eggs (Link to some)

Hot Glue Gun (& an Adult)

Acrylic Paint

Sharpies (for details)

Ribbon & Embellishments

Glitter! (& the patience needed to work with it)

A Bit of Creativity

Knowledge of the Princess Songs to Sing-A-Long to (not required, but recommended).

Your first task is to decide on your eggs' princess identities. What supplies you have may help narrow down your selection. If your eggs are just colored vs. glittery, you can add a coat of mod podge and shake some glitter on for that sparkly, princess look. Once you have selected your desired princesses, identify their signature colors and outfit looks. Then select your base egg color for your canvas. You can get creative and match different "tops" and "bottoms" to match a princess's bodice and skirt. Now it's time to get creative! Think of what elements really make this princess iconic. This is the perfect opportunity for little ones to explore colors, textures, shapes, and patterns of the princesses. Rapunzel's golden hair, Ariel's sequin mermaid tail, Belle's enchanted rose, all these elements on a coordinating colored egg immediately becomes recognizable. Sometimes it is a bit easier to use metallic sharpies to add small details such as some snowflakes on an Elsa egg or details on a mermaid's shells. Don't be afraid to use leftover scrap paper for a poppin' princess collar (Like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White), fabric for an egg-cellent ballgown (Like we did for Tiana and Belle), or a button for a grand brooch.

Once you have glued, glittered, stickered, and bedazzled your princess eggs, be sure to display them way fit for royalty. A simple basket filled with sparkly tissue paper, a painted and glitterized egg carton, or even a golden egg display, however you choose to showcase your creations they are sure to remind your favorite Disney princess. If you make any princess eggs, we would love to see them! Be sure to tag us @ReservingRoyalty on Facebook and Instagram.

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