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Encanto Themed Parties

It's hard for us to choose our favorite member of the Madrigal family! With their enchanting gifts, toe-tapping music, casita’s magic, and family history, their story is definitely one of our favorites. We love each character for their willingness to support each other and how they use their individual strengths to help their community. Life in la casita can be a little crazy, but regardless of what their abilities are, the Madrigals teach us the power of being uniquely yourself.

Everyone in Encanto agrees that the recipe for the perfect celebration is lots of color, great music and delicious food! If you are planning on throwing a themed party, we have some ideas to make your fiesta so wonderful that even Abuela will approve! From the decor in la casita to the clothes that they wear, the Madrigal’s love to be surrounded in bright colors. So, when you are decorating for your Encanto Party, don't shy away from bright colors! The more color the better and there are so many ways to incorporate color into your celebration. It can be as simple as just trading out solid plates for these decorative sets, plus they are an easy way to add functionality to your decor.

Another way to add a POP of color is by using balloons to decorate your space! Create some cactus balloons inspired by Isabella with just a black marker and some green balloons. These Columbian centerpieces can be placed anywhere to incorporate all of your favorite Madrigals into your decor and transport your guests straight to columbia. We know how special the doors are in la Casita, so why not use them as inspiration? These doors will transform your space and will be sure to wow your guests!

Once your guests have admired your vibrant decor, it's time to get them involved in some activities! These Mirabel inspired glasses are easy to make at any age and your guests will have a blast wearing them for the rest of the celebration. These flower bracelet crafts, inspired by Isabella’s flowers, could also be worn for the entire fiesta! You could also make a few tissue paper flowers ahead of time and use them as decor too.

The candle is such an important component to the Madrigal’s story that we had to mention this adorable candle craft. If your little ones are too young for that activity, these coloring sheets are a great alternative that is still inspired by the Madrigal’s candle.

We all love the magical gifts that the Madrigals’ possess! What gift would you choose if you could? This coloring sheet is the perfect way for your guests to personalize their own door representing what gift they would have if they lived in la Casita. If you are looking for another way to add color but you are planning on hosting an outdoor party, consider setting up a chalk drawing station with this free printable Mirabel sign!

Chalk is perfect for all ages and it’s a fun way to allow your guests to express themselves. This sensory bin inspired by Isabella is also a great hands-on activity for your little ones and it's super easy to throw together!

Your guests will surely work up their appetite with all of those fun activities! The food for an Encanto themed party can be really simple and fun. You could serve Arepa’s like Julieta makes to heal the Madrigals. We love these printable signs for your yummy treats, featuring lots of different characters. You could even serve tacos with a sign that says “We don't Taco ‘bout Bruno.” These chocolate pretzels are sure to be a hit as well as this colorful dip. Both of these desserts are quick to make and require very little prep time but don't let that deceive you, they are delicious! You could even pair them with a green drink inspired by Bruno.

Are you interested in creating magical, Madrigal memories that your little ones will remember forever? Consider inviting our Encanto friends to your celebration to read stories, play games, have dance parties, take royal portraits and so much more! If you simply don’t wish to plan a fiesta in your casita, consider having your celebration at our Fairytale Palace! Our fairy godmothers will take care of all of the hosting, decorating and planning. We hope to see you in our castle very soon!

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