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Choosing The right Reserving Royalty Birthday experience for you

Updated: May 29, 2023


Are you considering celebrating your little prince or princess' birthday with Reserving Royalty? We would be delighted to make some magical birthday memories with you!

Here is our guide to help you navigate through our unique offerings and decide which option is best for your little one:

a fairytale celebration reservation, travel appearance, or a private princess playdate appointment.

Guest Count

  • Private princess playdate appointments can have 1 to 3 children and 5 adults attend an appointment.

  • Venue celebrations: Perfect for an intimate celebration with friends; the fewer adults, the better. Not ideal for parties with lots of family members, a lot of boys, or lots of adults without children on the guest list.

The Signature package: Max of 10 children (Birthday child and 9 guests)

The Showstopper and Full Soiree package: Max of 15 children

(Birthday child and 14 guests)

The Petite and Splendid Princess Tea Party can have up to 8 little guests

  • Travel appearances: no guest count restrictions. We recommend you have one princess for every 10-12 children. So for example, if you are planning to invite 30 children, we recommend you invite 3 princesses. This is so that you can ensure that every one of your little guests gets plenty of one-on-one attention.

Age Restrictions

  • With private princess playdate appointments, children must be at least 3 to participate. Best designed for little princesses turning 3-11.

  • With venue celebrations, the birthday child must be turning 3 or older. Best designed for little princesses turning 3-9.

  • Travel appearances- no age restrictions.

Type of guest

  • Playdates are great for any 3 and up child who loves princesses, glitter, makeup and being pampered like true royalty.

  • Our venue is not your average party place, it's a whimsical experience packed with pixie dust & princess stuff! Girls and Boys are welcome, but please note our activities are VERY princess-based and will be geared to the theme and the age group of the birthday child.

  • Travel- We are children's entertainers which means we try to cater to all. Often time, younger boys like to meet princesses too and we bring little surprises intended to include them in the fun. Great for any age that still believes and/or enjoys the magic of fairytales.

What about boys at a Princess Party?

If planning a travel party, we do offer heroes, pirates, and princes and we highly recommend you invite one if you are expecting a lot of young boys at your celebration If that's not in the budget, do not worry, boys sometimes like to meet princesses too and we bring surprises intended to include them in the fun.

Reserving Royalty's Fairytale Palace is not your average birthday party experience, we craft enchanting moments with beloved characters in a magical intimate setting.

Where royal dreams really do come true! Please be thoughtful of this when selecting your guest list, choosing those that would enjoy this type of fairytale encounter. It's a whimsical experience packed with pixie dust & princess stuff


  • Private playdates are an hour-long appointment.

  • Venue celebrations are a 2-hour reservation, with the exception of The Petite Princess Tea Party that is a 1-hour experience.

  • Travel appearances are 1 or 1.5 hour-long visits.


  • Private playdates: no specific decor included.

  • Venue celebrations: full party decor and supplies included. Selection of partyscape from our theme lookbook:

  • Travel appearances: no decor included.


  • Private playdates include a tea party with provided princess punch, cupcakes, and additional tea treats.

  • Venue celebrations Signature and Showstopper packages, clients provide the food and sweets.

The Petite & Splendid Princess Tea Parties includes a tea menu,

The Full Soiree package includes a full catering menu and sweets.

Water station, paper products, and serving dishes/utensils provided with all packages.

  • Travel appearances- no food or catering provided.


  • Private playdates include a full child-friendly makeover and princess hairstyling in our shimmer salon.

  • Venue celebrations include a mini child-friendly makeover in our shimmer salon for each guest.

  • Travel appearances: 1.5 long visits include optional mini-makeover activity.


What does my Character do at my travel party?

The character will conduct the activities stated in their booked package. However, they will mold the performance according to the interests and ages of the little guests in order to create the most perfect appearance possible.
The performer will provide activities for the entire appearance, but let us know if you had another activity in mind and we will do our best to accommodate.
We don't have a "set in stone" party activity set list as we like to be organic with our character interactions and let the performer cater the interaction to the birthday kid and guests' energy and attention spans because no two parties, or birthday child, are alike!
(For example, some guests really love the party games and some really love story time, so the princess may spend a little more time on the activity that the guests are more interested in).

We certainly understand you want to plan, and below are some activities that they MAY do.


Princess Lesson (etiquette, twirls, waving, etc.)

Pass the friend (like hot potato, but better)



Princess Says/ Toss Across/ other short games with prizes

Glitter Tattoos (helpful to have a chair and table, but can adapt)

Nail Painting


They WILL be sure to do

Pixie Wishes

Ribbon Wand Dancing

Pose for Photos

Makeovers (for 1.5 hour appearances only)


Hero Lessons (strength and agility challenges in the form of games)



Short games with prizes

Water Tattoos (helpful to have a chair and table, but can adapt)


They WILL be sure to do

Hero Training

Pose for Photos

If you would like for them to help with any celebration activities, such as opening presents, just let your royal assistant/party agent or performers know. We recommend ending with having your character join in singing happy birthday (with the cake/cupcakes and candles if you plan to do that) as the cake provides a perfect sweet distraction from the characters leaving.

The private one-hour princess playdate experience includes:

  • One-on-one with your favorite character

  • Craft time

  • Receive a Makeover with nail painting, light makeup, royal glitter/gems.

  • Simple princess hairstyling with choice of hair accessory

  • Tea Party (with treats!)

  • Princess Storytime

  • Special Gift

  • Plenty of time for hugs and portraits

Birthday playdate appointments include:

cupcakes, a candle wish, and happy birthday singing

We hope this helps with deciding which experience is best for your birthday child, budget, guests, and celebration needs. We are always happy to answer any questions. We hope you chose to invest in your child's memories and trust us to be your party fairy godmothers this year.

Meet the Master Magic Makers and see how their enthusiasm for performance & fairytales transformed into the Triad's most enchanting children's company.

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preeti mittal
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