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Unique Mermaid Party Ideas For A Fin-tastic Birthday

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Little Mermaid Party Ideas

So you wanna throw a splash-tastic mermaid birthday party? With a little planning, your little one's ocean party will go swimmingly and you’ll create so many memories! Here are a few ideas to make your celebration the pearl of the neighborhood!

Think Outside the (Treasure) Box!

Of course a pool is a great location for a mermaid party, but if you are not lucky enough to have one (or know someone who does) you may have to get a little creative! Check your area for local splash pads (Like the Keeley Park Splash in McLeansville, NC or LeBauer Park in Greensboro) and see if they book parties. Splash pads are great because they can include every guest, whether or not they can swim. Or perhaps reserve a shelter in a local park near a lake (like City Lake Park in Jamestown or Oak Hallow Lake in High Point) to still give off “oceany” vibes. We have seen basements and garages transformed into darling mermaid lagoons. A open space in a backyard is also a great place to host a party, set up water play stations such as a mini swimming pool for splashing or even a sprinkler! Encourage your guests to dress to get wet!

PRO TIP: Be an extra special host by taking all your little guest's towels upon arrival and return them warm from a quick dryer spin when it is time to dry off for cake, food and presents!

Creating a Enchanting Mermaid Lagoon

Decide on your theme and colors months in advance so that you have plenty of time to gather perfectly matching supplies. Of course a Little Mermaid theme is a popular option, and it will be easy to find character themed plates, balloons, and party favors at your local party supplies store. However, don’t rule out doing a generic mermaid theme with your child’s favorite colors or even a swashbuckling Mermaid and Pirate Theme! Or perhaps try combining your child’s favorite princess with mermaids, Cinderella’s Mermaid Masquerade is sure to be a party like no other that your friends and family have attended.

Mixing DIY projects (such as our up-cycled cardboard box Mermaid Cove sign) with store bought decor is a great way to ensure that your son or daughter’s celebration is not a “cookie cutter” party. Don’t forget a photo space for silly photo booth pics and selfies! You can create a simple one with plastic tablecloths hung sideways as “waves”. Check out our fun DIY Mermaid Centerpiece idea, straight from a mermaid’s grotto.

Another way to create a full mermaid lagoon experience is through fun party food ideas. Quick grab-and-go snacks such as pretzels (Driftwood), grapes on skewers (Seaweed), and goldfish are sure to be crowd pleasers. Parents love to chat and chew on more hardy food such as “seaweed” spinach dip and "coral reef” veggie trays. Ocean water and Sea foam Punch are great for cooling down after so much splashing around. Don’t forget to label your cute, themed food! (we love using small chalkboards)

See our Little Mermaid Create 3 Mermaid Treats at Cupcake Cuties Bakery and Cafe

Mermaid Party Games and Activities

Lower your stress level and increase your enjoyment by hiring us as your Professional Party Performers to handle entertaining the kiddos. We offer stunning Ariel look-a-likes that are sure to amaze your birthday guest (and their parents!). With three options to choose from (her Sparkly Teal Ballgown, Elegant Pink and Peal Gown and her fun Seaweed and Shells) there is sure to be a character to fit your venue and needs. Hosting a Pinterest inspirited color driven theme? We have several Royal Mermaids with sparkly seaweed skirts that coordinate with a variety of decor designs. Perhaps invite our Moana inspired character, The Wayfinder, to create an element of adventurous fun! We even have mermaid variations of several popular princess (such as frozen inspired Snow Sisters and Rapunzel)! See below how we are dedicated to providing believable, high-quality portrayals of characters with exciting guest inclusive activities!

Throwing a themed children’s party can be stressful, but if you use the tips above you can give your child’s celebration an extra “magical touch" to make it a FIN-tastic memory filled occasion.

DIY not your style?

Let Reserving Royalty Children's Venue Plan and Host your child's

Mer-mazing Birthday Day!

Our Mermaid SHELLebrations are all inclusive party experiences that includes Mermaid Entertainment, Mermaids Games, Full Decor, Guest Mermaid Makeovers and more. Learn more about our Princesses Venue Parties HERE.


Let the stress of hosting a beautiful event melt away because the Reserving Royalty crew are the perfect party guest professionals! Invite us to be your party Fairy Godmothers today!

Looking for something a little "different"? Step inside our captivating children's venue & enter a world of whimsical delight! We are the experienced team behind carefully crafted, all-inclusive, pinterest perfect, BEST DAY EVER birthday celebrations! If you desire authentic interactions, come swoon over our exceptional and fully immersive character portrayals! Whether you are looking for a royal princess appearance or valiant superhero drop in, we can bring the magic to you! Meet the Master Magic Makers and see how their enthusiasm for performance & fairytales transformed into the Triad's most enchanting children's company.

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