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Fairy Garden | Spring Party Ideas(Free DIYS)

Fairy Garden Dance Party

When it comes to fairy garden parties, the magic is all in the details. Don't let that scare you away though, because there are an infinite number of ways you can decorate your space to transport your guests all the way to Barbie’s Fairytopia or even Tinkerbell’s Pixie Hollow!

Tink and her Pixie Hallow Fairy Friends

Flowers are always a great element in setting the tone for your space. You can also use parties like this as inspiration and get creative by adding other woodland friends like bunnies, butterflies or even some sparkly mushrooms!

If you are planning on hosting your magical event outside, we love the idea of setting up a picnic space. Bohemian party set ups are very on trend and they capture the effortless elegance that is perfect for any garden party.

There are so many unique ways that you can use decor to enhance your space. Printable butterflies can be used to add dimension by fluttering all over your party area! You can hang them by a string to create a flying effect, or decorate your tablescapes and party favor bags with them! The possibilities are endless and they are sure to look enchanting no matter where they are in your space.

Tinker Bell Engages with Fairy Party Guests During Storytime

Placing fairy wings at each guests’ seat is both aesthetically beautiful and functional because you can use them as a party favor that your little royals will be able to wear and enjoy for the entire party! Encourage imaginative play by setting up a wand building station where your little fairies can customize their very own wands. They can add rhinestones, ribbons, pom-poms, stickers and (of course) sparkles to really make it their own! While some of your guests are working on that, others could be creating their own DIY flower crowns.

This craft is perfect for any fairy garden party, especially because it adds a little touch of spring! Once all of your fairies are looking flutterific, it's time for some crafts and games!

We created a few crafts just for you! This fairy lantern is easy to create in just a few minutes, it looks beautiful during the day and even more magical at night. If your little ones love to paint, then they will enjoy our next craft - creating a fairy house! These can be distinctly unique and they also double as a party favor!

With a Mason Jar

With a Flower Pot

Scavenger hunts are fun for all ages and this fairy scavenger hunt would make Tinkerbell and all of her friends proud. A musical-chairs inspired game called Fairy Toadstools is sure to get some energy out of your guests, whether you decide to play inside or out! Both the scavenger hunt and toadstool game will work for groups of any size as well!

After flying around all day, your fairies will certainly want a snack! If you are celebrating a birthday, mushroom inspired cupcakes will be a hit. They are easy to make, and you could take your decor up a notch by creating a forest inspired cake stand to display them. Are your little ones in love with sweet treats? Then they will love magical fairy marshmallows with edible glitter and these mossy branch pretzel sticks! Both of these recipes are memorable surprises that are so quick and easy to make that even your little fairy could help you make them.

Speaking of memorable surprises, take your party celebration to the next level by giving your guests an experience that they will remember! Invite Tink and her fairy friends to your celebration to give each guest a glitter tattoo, play games that will entertain guests of all ages, take royal portraits, give magical pixie dust wishes and so much more!

Tink and Fairy Friend Pixie Dust Party Guests

If you are a busy parent, or you simply don’t have enough time to fly around and plan an event this grand, have your celebration at our Fairytale Palace! Our fairy godmothers will take care of all of the hosting, decorating and planning too! We hope you will fly by our palace soon!

Tink helping a young child paint a flower pot

Featured Below are the Fairytale Palace Fairy and Butterfly Princess Themes

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