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Batman and Batgirl Themed Parties

Whether you are a fan of Batman or Batgirl, both of these iconic heroes are known for their strength, courage and determination which is why they are featured as our character(s) of the month! Batgirl is a bubbly hero, known for her youthful optimism and her contagious enthusiasm. Batman may seem like the opposite type of hero, due to his dark exterior, but he uses his intelligence, expert martial arts, and high-tech gadgets in order to protect Gotham City. Both of these heroes teach us to always be honest, brave and to be ourselves (even if we have a secret identity)!

If you are considering throwing a Batman or Batgirl themed party, you will love these party ideas! When your guests first arrive, WOW them with your decorations! Batman’s outfit may be dark and mysterious, but comics are fun and filled with color. Don't be afraid to decorate with bright colors to transform your space. We love this simple balloon idea to turn any ordinary balloons into hero balloons!

Check out these superhero signs. We love how simple and effective they are at decorating drinks or treats served at the party! Speaking of yummy treats, we thought this recipe was too super to go unmentioned. This surprise bat symbol cake is easy to make and will amaze guests of any age!

Once your guests arrive, have them fill out these secret identity tags. This creation is a fun activity to help your little ones imagine what names or powers they’d have if they were heroes!

After they’ve created their secret identity, encourage them to get creative designing their very own hero masks! These printable masks are a great activity to start while you wait for all of your guests to arrive (plus they double as party favors)!

In order to learn about bravery and courage, consider setting up an obstacle course! There are so many fun indoor and outdoor obstacles you could create, but we like these themed ideas of crawling through a tunnel of darkness, or this balloon obstacle crawl!

If you are throwing an indoor party, or if an obstacle course sounds too involved for your little heroes, consider giving Superhero Hop a try! This game can be set up in just minutes and allows them to work on their hero skills. Lastly, we’re sure you’ve heard of the traditional party game, “pin the tail on the donkey,” but have you ever tried to “pin the symbol on batman?” This is a great game that can be used at any Batman or Batgirl party, it even doubles as a party decoration, plus you can give out prizes or party favors to everyone at the end!

Superhero parties are often the most fun-filled celebrations with energetic and imaginative kids! If you are interested in creating magical memories that your little heroes will remember forever, consider inviting Batman and Batgirl to your celebration! Our heroes would love to do superhero training, play skill-building games to improve that will entertain guests of all ages, hand out official hero training certificates, take hero portraits and so much more! If you are a busy mom, a loving grandmother or you simply don’t have the superpowers to plan an event this grand, consider having our heroes save the party with non-stop SUPER party entertainment!


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