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Ballet Class With A Princess| Snow White

Put on those tights because you are in for a delight! Join Snow White as she teaches a sweet beginner ballet class fit for twirling royalty.

Terms Mentioned

1st position- Heels are together, with toes turned out until the feet are in a straight line.

Tendu- Leg is extended along the floor until only the tip of the toe remains touching the floor.

Plié- Simply a movement where dancers bend their knees and then straighten them again

Arabesque- Similar to a tendu, an arabesque is where the leg is fully straight extending long behind the dancer either on the floor (a terre) or in the air (en l’air).

Relevé- Meaning “raised.” It describes the action when a dancer rises up and seemingly is standing “on the tips of their toes” shown in a demi-pointe here.

Wanna shake it up?!?!

Try doing this dance while balancing a pillow on your head for true princess practice.

Or try doing this combination while waving ribbons or wands!

You can make your own performance ribbon by tieing a hair or gift ribbon to a scrunchie and placing it on your wrist or on a pencil or a rod for a DIY ribbon wand!

We offer a fabulous prima ballerina princess, named Victoria, for birthday party appearances, dance studio special events, and even ballet-themed princess playdates!

We also offer several classic princesses in their ballerina attire for the perfect princess ballet birthdays and special dance class visits!

Having a dance-loving child at home? Check out this party theme that is TUTU precious! 🎀Perfect for princesses that love to twirl, leap, and plié this theme showcases pale pinks, light lavenders, and stage-worthy sparkles. ✨💎Invite our Ballerina Princess or your child’s favorite royal in their ballerina attire for an encore worthy performance of a party.

Looking for something a little "different"? Step inside our captivating children's venue & enter a world of whimsical delight! We are the experienced team behind carefully crafted, all-inclusive, Pinterest perfect, BEST DAY EVER birthday celebrations! If you desire authentic interactions, come swoon over our exceptional and fully immersive character portrayals! Whether you are looking for a royal princess appearance or valiant superhero drop-in, we can bring the magic to you!

Meet the Master Magic Makers and see how their enthusiasm for performance & fairytales transformed into the Triad's most enchanting children's company.

Princess parties and fairytale character appearances in High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Oak Ridge, Clemmons, and across Triad North Carolina

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