Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid + Prince Eric 

The Little Mermaid is sure to make a splash! Her visit will be MER-mazing when she arrives on her human legs (that are perfect for dancing!). Her sparkly seaweed skirt is paired with modest purple shells adorned with a variety of pearls & Swarovski crystals that are sure to wow your little guests! Her seafoam teal gown & pink + pearl ballgown includes tons of sparkly "bubbles" and hidden details. Although she is not a swimming mermaid, she is perfect for pool parties & loves being by the waterside.

Ensemble Choices:  Shells, Teal Gown, Teal Gown Winter, Town Dress, Pink Gown, Teal and Purple Gown

4 Options to Splash With!

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Seaweed Skirt + Shells.png